We provide an extensive range of intellectual property research and support services as detailed below. 

Fields of Expertise:


ICT (including business methods)

Medical Devices


Note: At this time we do not offer patent searches in the chemistry or pharmaceutical fields.

Focusing on Intellectual Property Research and Support Services in the following areas:




  • Novelty Type Subject Matter Search (Patent, Design)

  • Infringement Type Subject Matter Search (Patent, Design)

  • Validity Type Subject Matter Search (Patent, Design)

  • Due diligence investigations

  • State of the Art Subject Matter Search (Patent, Design)

  • Name Search (Patent, Design, Trade Mark)

  • Other (e.g. business name availability, domain name searching etc)


  • Application Number

  • Competitor/Name

  • Technology

  • Trade Mark

  • Other (e.g. design, domain name etc)



  • Specifications

  • File Histories

  • Machine Translations of Specifications

  • Non-Patent Documents (e.g. Journal Articles)



  • Providing Affidavits or Statutory declarations evidencing factual matters or search results such as affidavits detailing accession dates and/or publication dates of patent and non-patent literature